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pc revamp terms & conditions

Updated as of 13/01/2021

Guarantee timescales & our 7 Day Fault Policy


All our repairs are covered under a fault guarantee. The minimum guarantee we provide for all services carried out is 28 days for all computer software-related repairs and 90 days for hardware-related repairs such as phones and tablets unless otherwise stated. The guarantee we provide is from the date of the repair carried out or service provided, not from the day the item is collected from our shop. We aim to repair most devices on the same day they are brought in to us, and we aim to contact customers as soon as gadgets have been fixed if they haven't been fixed on the spot. We have a strict "7 Day Fault Policy" which does NOT affect the Fault Guarantee on the parts that we have fitted to your device. The "7 Day Fault Policy" is specific to your device post repair. Prior and after any repair or service is carried out, a technician will inspect your device to the best of our ability. Should you have any concerns with your device after a service has been carried out, you have 7 Days to notify us.  Nothing in these terms and conditions affect your right to redress under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, for more information please contact Citizens Advice on 03454 040506.


What is exempt from my guarantee?


Battery Replacements and Charging port replacements. We provide a 6-month guarantee on batteries and 90 days for charging port replacements for all Apple, non-Apple, laptop and tablet repairs. This is because PC Revamp can't guarantee the lifespan of a battery as this differs from customer usage. As well as battery usage, each customer has their own way of handling chargers when putting the device on charge. Over usage or excessive usage can lead to physical damage to the port and not an actual fault on the port. With the market currently flooded with aftermarket charging cables, we also can't guarantee that aftermarket chargers being used will be beneficial to either your battery or charging port. However, some discretion will be considered should a battery or charging port become faulty after the warranty period. This is in addition to your statutory rights and does not affect your right to redress under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

What will VOID my Guarantee?


  • Physical Neglect - This includes dropping your gadget, cracks or LCD bleeds. We provide AAA/OEM quality parts on all of our repairs meaning we only use the best parts available to 3rd party suppliers without going directly to the manufacturer. We have to stress to all of our customers that should you drop your gadget and crack your screen or physically damage the screen, this will void your warranty and under no circumstances will PC Revamp cover these costs. If a fault is reported surrounding the repair to your gadget, it's the customer's responsibility to return their device to PC Revamp in a timely manner. If however physical or accidental damage occurs from the date a fault was reported to the date booked in for a repair, this will again void your guarantee as we can't send cracked or damaged goods back to our supplier (despite faults being present or reported).


  • Dents and knocks - We see a lot of gadgets come through our doors in all different conditions. From a simple cracked screen, to badly dented chassis from knocks and drops. We can't provide a guarantee on gadgets that have "excessive" dents surrounding the screen (this applies to screen repairs only). Most screens on gadgets sit within a metal or plastic frame. Should a dent cause a screen to lift away or cause any kind of fault that's been influenced by a dent, PC Revamp cannot be held liable for this


  • Timescale from reporting a fault - We have a strict but reasonable timescale for when a fault is reported to us, to when its handed back to us for repair. Should ANY problem arise from a repair we have carried out we need to know as soon as possible so we can book this in for repair. Most warranty/guarantee repairs are booked in as a priority repair as we understand the importance of the service we provide. This is why we need to know as soon as possible when or should anything start to go wrong with the repair. In all instances where a fault is detected or noticed with a repair or service carried out, we ask customers to return their goods as soon as practically possible. Ideally, we would prefer this was done within 5 working days of the said fault being noticed. Should further damage such as cracks or bleeding LCD occur because it was left too long to return, this will void your guarantee. However, some discretion will be considered upon returning your items for more than 5 working days. If we have carried out a health check or virus removal on your Laptop/PC, we again advise goods are returned to us as soon as practically possible (ideally within 5 working days) of noticing a defect as again, we need to be sure this is a doing on our part and not something that's occurred from misuse after the repair.


  • Water Damage - before and /or after the repair should your gadget be water damaged this will void any guarantee you have on the repair. We will always inform you of any water damage to your gadgets prior to any repair. Should your gadgets be repaired successfully despite being water damaged, we cannot guarantee your gadget will continue to function normally as intended after water damage has occurred. Simply because when water sits inside, it can develop rust around soldering points and connections which may lead to the device not functioning properly. However, some discretion will be considered depending on the fault surrounding the guarantee repair. If we detect water has effected the charging port (for example), we wouldn't void your warranty on a screen repair as the two repairs are totally separate from one another. Water Damage on the main logic board of the phone is the main cause for a device to malfunction which needs to be considered before and after a repair is carried out. You may still have a right to redress under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.


  • Tampering – If yourself or anyone else including 3rd party repair companies attempt to repair this device after PC Revamp, this will void your guarantee. Your guarantee with PC Revamp is covered on the grounds that we were the last party to open and fix your gadget. If a fault is reported to PC Revamp and your gadget is still within its guarantee period, the company will always ensure any issues are resolved. If you choose to take your gadgets to another company to be fixed, this will void your guarantee with PC Revamp. We stamp and date all of our parts with our warranty stickers to ensure fraud is prevented. Any tampering of these stickers will void your warranty. We ensure all screws and parts are placed back into your device as they came out, if any screws are missing from the repair we did, this will void your guarantee. If screws are missing prior to any repair, we will notify and we’ll make notes on our booking system to prevent disputes should a repair be carried out under guarantee



Is my guarantee extended?


No - Guarantee starts from the day your gadget is fixed and is covered for the term of the guarantee. Should a 2nd repair be carried out, this will not come with an extended guarantee. Your guarantee still remains the term agreed from the day it was originally fixed. Under rare circumstances, should your repair fail within 30 days or less than the expiry date if your warranty, PC Revamp will extend your warranty by 3 months. This does not affect your right to redress under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

Water Sealed devices

 If you're having a repair carried out by PC Revamp and your device is deemed waterproof or water-resistant, we urge customers to be aware that your device may not 100% be watertight after a repair. While we aim to leave all seals intact and not disturbed, we can't guarantee this will remain sealed after the device has been opened. We'll aim to replace any seal where possible. Please note that devices classed as watertight or water-resistant by the manufacturers still aren't covered under warranty should your device become water damage. Please check the manufacturer's terms and conditions surrounding waterproofing for a better understanding.

Financing your repairs and Services

We offer our customers the chance to split payments evenly over a 3 month period on services and repairs for anything over the value of £50. PC Revamp has teamed up with Klarna to offer this service. While Klarna offers a "Buy Now, Pay Later, No Fees" service - PC Revamp will charge a 5% service charge and admin fee for anyone wanting to take advantage of this service. PC Revamp do not and will not profit from this Service or Admin Charge when adding this to your final bill.

Your Klarna Finance deal with PC Revamp is a legally binding agreement between all 3 parties involved which includes the consumer/client, PC Revamp and Klarna. Failing to keep up with your Klarna Payments will affect your credit score should you fail to pay on time. Your finance agreement is with Klarna, not PC Revamp when you checkout. Should you have any disputes or concerns with the level of service provided by PC Revamp, these need to be addressed with the company.



Where do I stand with my guarantee on water damaged repairs? - We'll always do our best to provide the customer with the most accurate advice when offering our water damage repair service. The water damage repair service is a unique service that we offer to our customers as an emergency repair service on the basis that not all water damage repairs are successful in both the short term or long term. On the day of repair we'll always visually inspect a device prior to carrying out the service. If the device visually looks ok, and we feel would benefit from our water damage service, then we'll advise on this. Again so if we feel the service would not benefit the device, we'll not proceed with the service.

One of our terms and conditions that voids or does not provide a warranty is 'water damage' or a device that shows signs of water damage. We're not able to contradict one t&c with another. On this basis, we can not provide a guarantee on the water damage repair service, and as advised we aim to provide this service as an emergency repair service in an attempt for the customer to recover valuable photos, data, contacts and anything else that may be on your device that you need recovering. In the instance that the water damage repair service is not successful, we still need to charge for the service, as its the time taken and the chemicals used that need to be covered. This is always advised upon drop off. We're not in a position to advise on what will be a successful repair and what won't be as there's no way for us to tell.

In the instance that a water repair service is successful, however parts need replacing (screens, charging ports, batteries, small chips on the logic board) we will advise on this prior to replacing anything. PARTS ARE REPLACED ON THE BASIS AND UNDERSTANDING THAT WE HAVE ZERO CONTROL OVER THE TIME SCALE A REPAIR SHOULD LAST AND SHOULD THE PHONE FAIL, WE CAN'T PROVIDE A GUARANTEE ON THE PARTS REPLACED (for example, £15 is paid for the water repair service, £40 is paid for a new screen - the phone works perfect for 2-3 weeks and all of a sudden stops working) WE CAN'T REFUND FOR THE SCREEN REPAIR AS THE SCREEN ISN'T FAULTY. 

Please bear in mind that this is down to the discretion of the manager. For example, the phone stops working 2 days later and the parts used visually look brand new, which will enable us to put this back into stock to re-use. If parts are replaced, and look used/marked, we "may" be able to offer a partial refund, if we're in a position to re-use the parts as used.

For more information relating to water damage repairs, please get in touch and we'll happily help and advise the best we can.


Non Collected Goods


When goods are dropped off at PC Revamp but cannot be repaired on the spot they will be held until collected. Customers will be communicated as soon as goods have been repaired, this being text, call, email or social media. Timescales vary for collection depending on the individual needs of each customer. After 3 months of non collected goods, we'll claim possession over goods to claw back expenses for repairs carried out. This will include the time it has taken to carry out the repair, the costs spent on the parts provided, the time(s) it has taken for our company to communicate with the customer plus the time spent holding your device on our premises. PC Revamp will advise via any communications possible to advise that goods need to be collected several times before we announce that we'll recycle the device to compensate costs. PC Revamp will contact you via any means you provided at the time of drop off to ensure goods are collected. It is the customer's responsibility to collect devices and where monies are owed, it is your responsibility to make sure these amounts are paid. (no data stored on devices will ever be released and this will be disposed off before any action is taken to prevent breach of data protection).

  • The Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 provisions apply any time after the goods are ready for collection, subject to any terms imposed at the time the goods were left with you for repair.

    If you are in possession of a customer's goods and he/she is under an obligation to collect them (e.g. because you have repaired the goods for the customer), you are entitled to sell the goods if they remain uncollected and are not otherwise the subject of a dispute. Before doing so, you must satisfy two conditions:

    1. You must first send the owner of the goods written notice of:

  • their obligation to collect the goods;

  • details of the goods to be collected and the address at which they are held;

  • your name and address;

  • details of any sum of money owing in respect of the goods at the time the notice is sent (e.g. repair charges, storage costs).

    This notice may be delivered direct to the owner, left at his proper address or posted to it. The 'proper address' means:

  • in the case of a limited or public limited company, the registered office or principal office;

  • in any other case, the last known address of the owner.

    2. If the notice does not result in collection of the goods, you must send the owner, by recorded delivery post or registered letter:

  • the same information as in the notice above, plus

  • notice of your intention to sell the goods if they remain uncollected, and the date of the intended sale.

    The period between the issue of the second notice and the date of intended sale must be reasonably sufficient for the owner to reclaim the goods. If any money is owed to you, this period must be at least three months.

    If the owner still does not collect the goods by the date stated in your second notice, you can sell them. You must give the proceeds of the sale to the owner of the goods, but you are entitled to keep any money owed to you, including the cost of the sale (e.g. advertising).

    If the owner of the goods is not at the proper address, you can still go ahead with the sale after you have taken reasonable, unsuccessful, steps to trace him/her.

Privacy, Confidentiality and your data

While your device is in for repair, your data, privacy and content is strictly never compromised. We take customer confidentiality very seriously and under no circumstances will we attempt to violate these terms. There are circumstances where we need access to your device which may require your password, passcode or pattern if this applies to fully diagnose or test your device prior and after a repair is carried out. This applies to Phones, Tablets and Computers. We advise that customers and clients carry out the necessary measures prior to using our services if you feel that important data could be compromised or if you don't authorise access to your device. This involves data backup, setting up a temporary account for our staff to access, removing passwords or encrypting your files.

If staff at PC Revamp can't access your device to carry out the necessary checks this may put us in a position where the repair or service hasn't been completed to standards we have in place. This involves not being able to test or diagnose certain parts of your device, or for us not to complete the repair/service at all. In some rare occasions we may reject a repair or service if we're not able to carry out the checks needed for the specific task in hand.

All staff at PC Revamp are trained and act in a professional and respectful manner which doesn't violate or compromise your confidentiality and we do ask that the above measures are acknowledged in advance before booking a service or repair with us.

Please note that our company is registered on the ICO Data Protection Register which falls in line with the data protection law.


What if I don't agree with the terms and conditions?


While we'll always do our best to provide and cover repairs under guarantee, this is discretion by the company. We feel providing up to 90 days guarantee will assure you, as the customer that we're confident as a company that we provide quality parts and a good service. We want you to use PC Revamp as your place to go for your IT and Gadget repairs, and we understand that problems can under rare circumstances arise - we want to help and we'll always do our best to ensure the outcome of any guarantee goes in favour of the customer.


Again, we'll be consistent with our guarantee however some discretion will be considered if we feel necessary.



We always endeavor to provide the best service and products for our customers. However, on rare occasions, we recognise there may be times where our customers may not be completely satisfied. To ensure we are able to put things rights as soon as we can, please read our complaints procedure below and we will respond promptly to ensure complete satisfaction. As soon as possible after the completion of the works, please inspect the work to ensure everything has been carried out to our usual high standards.

By either calling, writing or emailing us we aim to respond within 24hrs of receiving your complaint and where possible, will provide you with a date to remedy any issues raised. In the unlikely event there is anything you are not completely satisfied with, please contact us as soon as you can in order that we can rectify any problems as soon as possible. All complaints can be addressed to our email address

Where we cannot resolve any complaints using our own complaints procedure, as a Which? Trusted traders we use "Dispute Resolution Ombudsman" for dispute resolution. In the unlikely event of a complaint arising and you wish to refer the complaint to them please contact Which? Trusted Traders in the first instance on 0117 456 6031.
Dispute Ombudsman
Where we cannot resolve any complaints using our own complaints procedure, as a Which? Trusted traders we use Dispute Resolution Ombudsman for dispute resolution. In the unlikely event of a complaint arising and you wish to refer the complaint to them please contact them on 0117 456 6031 or via their website

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