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You're thinking about having your device repaired by PC Revamp - but what guarantee and warranty do we provide?


The short answer is: It differs from each device, repair or service you have carried out. 


Below is an example of what guarantee/warranty we provide on a range of services we have to offer. We do ask that if in doubt, please contact us first. Below are the most common repairs and services carried out so please ask if you can't find what you need. Please also see our Terms and Conditions which explain a bit more in detail what is covered under warranty/guarantee and what is exempt. 
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*Updated as of 21/09/2019




Apple Phone Screen Repairs - Lifetime Warranty

Apple Phone Copy Screen Repairs - 12 Months

Sony Screen Repairs - 12 Months

Huawei Screen Repairs - Lifetime Warranty

Samsung Screen Repairs - Lifetime Warranty

Apple Ipod Screen Repairs - 6 Months

Nokia Screen Repairs - 6 Months

LG Screen Repairs - 6 Months

HTC Screen Repairs - 6 Months

Motorola Screen Repairs - 12 Months

OnePlus Screen Repairs - 6 Months

Blackberry Screen Repairs - 6 Months


Battery Repairs and Charging Port Repairs (All Devices) - 6 Months

Speakers - 3 Months


Apple Devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod)


(Click here to be directed to our Apple site for more information)




Apple Ipad Screen Repairs - 6 Months

Sony Screen Repairs - 6 Months

Huawei Screen Repairs - 6 Months

Samsung Screen Repairs - 6 Months

Acer Screen Repairs - 6 Months

ASUS Screen Repairs - 6 Months

Kindle Screen Repairs - 6 Months

Microsoft Screen Repairs - 6 Months

Battery Repairs and Charging Port Repairs (all devices) - 6 Months

Speakers - 3 Months


Computer Repairs


Health Checks - 28 Days

Virus Removals - 28 Days

Hardware Installations (customer supplied) - Please ask

Hardware Installations (supplied and fitted by PC Revamp) - Please ask

Operating System Upgrades - 28 Days

HDD to SSD Upgrades - (Parts - 6 months, Service - 28 Days)

Cracked Screen Repairs - 3 Months

Software Installations - 28 Days

Fan Cleaning and/or CPU Re-Thermal Paste - 3 Months

PC Builds - (Parts - 6 Months, Service - 28 Days)


Games Console Repairs


Laser Replacements - 6 Months

Service and Clean - 3 Months

Power Issues - 3 Months

HDMI Port Replacements - 3 Months

Software/Firmware Issues - 28 days