Own a laptop and cracked your screen then no fear as we can deal with all aspects of screen repairs on laptops.
We'll replace notebook, netbook, laptop and touch screen laptop screens no matter how bad it looks.
When we replace laptop screens we'll always use the make and model of the screen being replaced, ensuring you get like-for-like when being repaired. Some use the make and model of the laptop to determine a screen replacement. We know that this doesn't always turn out the most affordable solution to a repair, nor does it ensure the same quality screen will be used as the one removed.
What types of screen repairs do PC Revamp deal with?
  • Cracked screen
  • Bleeding LCD
  • Hinge replacements
  • Back Lid replacements
  • Cracked touch screen replacements
  • Flickering screens
  • Fading screens
  • Screen cable faults
What if its something more serious than a cracked screen?
We'll diagnose your laptop first to asses the damage before we provide a quote on repair. In some instances a cracked screen may also need a new screen hinge, or sometimes, a screen may appear to be faulty when in fact it could be something more serious like a graphics chip fault.
How much will a screen replacement cost me?
We deal with many many laptops and over time we've found that the smaller notebooks and netbooks will cost the least to repair. Prices can range between £30-£55 for a notebook.
A typical laptop screen size these days is 15.6" and when asked "how much", on average (for non touch screens) we say around £65-£75.
For laptops with screens over 15.6" we'll typically say around £70+
Touch screen laptops come in two forms. Some have LCD's that can be separated from the touch screen, and others come attached as one unit. Prices vary for touch screen repairs, so its best to email or call us for a more accurate quote. Prices can vary between £45 and £150