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Do you have a HTC phone in need of repair? We can help:


Here at PC Revamp, we provide HTC repairs through the HTC approved repair facility – so we can get your mobile phone fixed and back in your hands as quickly as possible.


Whatever problem you have with your HTC handset, we’ll be able to help get it fixed:

  • Cracked, smashed or unresponsive screen

  • Problems with software

  • Hardware issues, e.g. battery or camera faults

  • Water damage

  • Broken casing



Has the screen or LED on your HTC smashed or stopped working? Here at PC Revamp, we can repair your handset using top quality parts and where possible official HTC parts direct from our reputable UK Supplier.

 We'll need to take a look at your HTC to determine the likelihood of repairing it and give you a quote. All quotes are free of charge, so you can make a no-obligation decision about whether or not you want go ahead with the repair.

HTC Repair Cost

As a guide, a software repair for an HTC will cost between £19.99 and £129.99, depending on the complexity of the repair.


Popular Services:

  • HTC screen repair

  • HTC water damage



To get your HTC fixed, you'll need to bring it into PC Revamp where we'll take a look at the damage, determine a cost to fix and we'll have your phone back to you within a few days.