That dreaded moment when your computer stops working and you fear you've lost all your precious pictures and important information. What's worse is that you haven't backed anything up.
Don't fear as PC Revamp will do everything they can to recover lost data. We can carry out an extensive range of procedures to recover data. Its only until you have complete hard drive failure that we can't recover data. There are companies we can advise should this be the case.
What services we can provide;
  • Laptop or PC failure - You don't want to repair your machine but you still require data taken off
  • Deleted Files - Accidentally removed some information on your machine and need it back, we can help
  • Re-formatted HDD - So you've re-installed Windows back on to your machine but your didn't back anything up. Don't worry, we can recover lost data.
  • Cloud Storage - Moving forward, cloud storage is the future. Its not expensive to use, and ensures data is not lost should your machine stop working, hard drive failure, or you forget to run a backup of your data onto an external drive such as a USB stick or removable storage.